Ductless A/C Systems

Ductless mini-split A/C systems offer you improved efficiency and greater flexibility when compared to a standard air conditioning system.

What Are Ductless A/C Systems?

Ductless A/C systems, also referred to as mini-splits, are systems that allow you to have cooling without having to run ductwork, making them ideal for areas like attics and garages. Ductless systems consist of two parts, the indoor and outdoor units that are connected by wiring and refrigerant tubing. The indoor unit can be mounted on the wall to provide heating and cooling for a specific area.

What are the Benefits of a Ductless System?

  • Improved flexibility for air conditioning and heating
  • Extremely efficient systems
  • Ability to control temperatures in different rooms of the house
  • Indoor units are extremely quiet

If you are considering upgrading your A/C system or have an area of your home where traditional ductwork isn’t possible, contact us to learn more about ductless A/C systems and see if they are right for you.